Scent In A Box - Luxury Wax Melts & Burners

scent in a box was born in December 2020

Based on an idea I had during covid-19 to enable me to work from home. My name is Sarah and also being a website and graphic designer, I was able to put my design ideas in to my website and create a unique brand perfect for yourself or gifting that special someone.

I am a mother of 4 fantastic children and so already was in a position to work from home.  I simple love home fragrance which has mainly started as I suffer from depression and anxiety so I looked for scents to help lift my mood.  I decided then to create my own brand. 

Finding the perfect scent is great for the whole family and I take time to find the perfect scent. 

My Mission

is to bring out new scents each month hence coming up with the idea of scent of the month. We are a new business so stock levels are minimal but we intend to increase stock supply of the future months and also bringing out new scents to there will be more to choose from. Aromatherapy oils, fragrance oils and room sprays are just some of the items I will be introducing in 2021 purely as this is more beneficial for people who suffer from depression and anxiety.

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