Scent of the month



Chocolate Truffle & Posh Honey

Our new scent for the month of April with an early exclusive price release!

This fragrance is a delicious & indulgent balance of creamy chocolate combined with a luxurious honey twist. It has a Creamy Chocolate balanced beautifully with nutty hints of roasted almond, golden honey, and fresh berries for a rich, decadent desert.

Our luxury wax melts have hours and hours of melt time meaning you can use these until our next scent of the month comes out.


Collection sets


Scent In A Box - Luxury Wax Melts & Burners
Scent In A Box - Luxury Wax Melts & Burners
Scent In A Box - Luxury Wax Melts & Burners

We offer a great range of collection sets, perfect to mix & match your scents.

These are ideal if your looking to try a few scents or a gift for that special someone!

We have a great selection to choose from with our latest additions and our classics to choose from, there is sure to be something there you’ll love in our wax melts.

The Solo


scent-in-a-box-the-classic--collection-wax melts

We offer a selection of Fragrance Oils in our solo wax melts collection.

This is ideal if you are looking to try a new scent.

All our wax melts are vegan friendlycruelty free & hand poured using the highest quality ingredients. 

Creating Home Fragrance

There’s nothing better than having a fragrance to compliment your home.  At Sent In A Box, our products are eco-friendly and hand poured to create the perfect scent for your home.  Although we are based in the North East of England, we post all over the UK!

On a personal note, what I love about home fragrance is it can certainly uplift the mood for yourself & your family. We like to keep up to date with the latest trends but we also like to be unique. Be your own person!  

Scent In A Box - Luxury Wax Melts & Burners

P.S. Why not check out some of our wax melts collections on offer as we are adding new fragrances every month.

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